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Cookies are bits of data that are automatically placed on the hard drive of your computer when you visit a website like Cookies are used for identifying your browser on the server. By using our services, you explicitly agree to the processing & collection of data as outlined in our cookie policy. This policy is designed to provide information to users about’s use of, exposure of, and collection of personal information whenever interactions occur between your browser and our server.

By agreeing to use our services, you expressly consent to all the terms and conditions as laid out in our cookie policy. The data we collect is designed to ensure that you receive premium-quality service at all times. The extent to which your information is used and disseminated with third parties is restricted to the framework of this cookie policy. These cookies permit us to store valuable information on our server, to enhance your web-browsing experience. It also allows us to perform detailed site analysis and in-depth website performance assessments.

How We Use Pixel Tags and Web Beacons

Whenever we receive questions, comments, or complaints from users, we collect certain personal information. This includes the name and last name of the user, the physical address, the email address, contact telephone number, and other contact information as required.
This information is utilised expressly for the purposes of communicating with you regarding your questions, comments, or collects myriad information from your browser whenever you use our site, including personally identifiable data. Various techniques are used for collecting data such as pixel tags and cookies. This data usually includes unique device identifiers, device types, specific cookie identifiers, cookie data, and information on whether your device features software to access specific features of our website. It also includes your Internet protocol address (IP address), browser type, language, and domain. Details of your country, time zone, a history of your interaction with our website through your preferences, purchases, and click-through behaviors, et al.

Be advised that third-party websites can collect information about you via cookies, widgets, and plug-ins through our website. Third-party collection of data from your web browser is processed subject to the privacy policies of those websites.

There are typically 3 specific categories of cookies used on, notably:

  1. Social media/advertising cookies – to connect users to our social networks, and for advertising purposes
  2. Performance-based cookies – these cookies can speed up communications, requests, and general performance between our server and your browser.
  3. Functional cookies – These cookies are permanently enabled to ensure that you can easily browse our site, according to regulatory standards, with full security assistance enabled.

Your Rights with Cookies

Since we operate globally, your personally identifiable information may be shared with our subsidiaries. All affiliated entities It is within your rights to modify your browser’s settings to automatically reject the storage of cookies, or to let you know when a website is going to store cookies on your computer. By working with your web browser, you can delete previously stored cookies at your leisure. If you decide to decline our cookie policy, you may be prevented from accessing specific parts of our online casino-related services.

We may, at our discretion, use third-party providers to offer services for us, promote our range of services, help with analyzing the services we provide, or other service-related features and functions. Kindly consult the support pages of your web browser for more info related to cookies and how they function. Necessary cookies are essential for users wanting to navigate and enjoy use of Once you log in to your account, cookies identify you as a visitor/user/customer. This information is collected from the contact form upon registration.